Restaurant Week — Where Do I Start?

I was a picky little kid. Forget sushi or steak — I didn’t even like pasta sauce.

Fortunately, I’ve wised up. My picky-ness is more of an idiosyncrasy now — I pick chicken apart because the veins gross me out, and I won’t eat most condiments, especially mayo (whipped egg? really?) —  and while the thought of eating liver or caviar is still too much, I’ve moved far past my distaste for pasta sauce. And I love finding a new place to eat.

Yet, strangely enough, I have yet to experience a restaurant week. I’ve never been home for the ones around here and, well, I was a broke college kid in Boston, what do you want from me?

But now that I have the chance…I’m a little overwhelmed. And I feel like I need some help.

I trust you, WNYMedia readers. So — where would you go? I’m planning on two dinners. My only real criteria: it can’t be somewhere I’ve already been. That’s a short list in comparison to the overwhelming number of participating restaurants.

Make your case. I’ll report back.

After all, if you have to eat to survive, you may as well eat well.

11 thoughts on “Restaurant Week — Where Do I Start?

      1. Yes, Encore has great food and a real nice atmosphere too. And in the summer they have a patio in the back with a bar that always makes for a good time.


  1. I know exactly how you feel, Angela! I participated in my first RW last year. I am super picky and still on a tight college budget even though I graduated 3 years ago (sigh). So I am choosing to go to Marco’s Deli and Cabaret, both offering 2 for $20.10! Not many places on the long list offer that. I’ve been to Marco’s many times and LOVE it, although you would not like their chipotle mayo (neither do I because it’s spicy), but their sandwiches are simple, fresh, and delish! My second choice, Cabaret, I’m choosing because I have never been there and I feel it’s a bit fancier, making me NOT feel like a broke Buffalonian even for just an evening.

    Hope you enjoy wherever you choose!


    1. I should amend my statement…I WILL eat Marco’s chipotle mayo…it’s a little spicy, but on the Mama Mia (I think it’s that one — the one with turkey and bacon), it’s just unbelievable. Marco’s is awesome.


      1. It sounds like Encore will be my first stop. I also really want to try Fiamma and Merge. Bistro Europe sounded OK, but…I don’t know, I guess I saw more delicious options.Tandoori’s is one of those places my family goes all the time, and even though I’ve never been there, I know it’s somewhere I’ll eventually go even without the Restaurant Week deal.


  2. ang, black and blue, chef’s (obv), chocolate bar, empire grill, fat bob’s, la tee da, mythos, nektar (say hi to dimitri for me), and brennan’s. and i swear these are not just places i drink at.


    1. Yeah, but see, most of those are places I would go for dinner regularly. Nektar was awesome, though, and I’m going to Encore tonight!

      We should go to Chocolate Bar sometime…


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