Bonjour! Welcome!

Angela Stefano (“Ang,” unless she’s in trouble) is the editor-in-chief of The Boot, a leading country- and Americana-focused website with an average of 1 million unique visitors per month. Based in Buffalo, N.Y., but with her heart in Nashville, she heads up a team of writers located throughout the United States and has worked to build The Boot into the go-to brand for both “modern” country music fans and those with an appreciation for the genre’s more classic and left-of-center sounds. In her spare time, Ang enjoys exploring record stores and attending concerts (to her husband’s chagrin and her bank account’s detriment), dog-sitting and volunteering with a local animal rescue organization. A graduate of Boston University’s College of Communication and a former Boston Bruins intern and game-night staffer, she also enjoys a good hockey game and often employs a good dose of Northern-bred sarcasm and self-deprecation.

Click around a little bit to see my resume, writing samples and so on, and if you’re interested in contacting me, feel free to reach out via any of the social networks I’m on or through email.


3 thoughts on “Bonjour! Welcome!

  1. Susan says:

    Actually there was a blind background singer harmonizing with Jason Alden on “The Voice” last night. She was built very much like Miranda Lambert, had the hair, mannerisms and look. I was watching carefully because Of the fact it is their duet. Wonder who it was?


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