Question #5

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In case you missed it, here’s what happened last week on Angela’s blog…

and so begins another week of questions. Fortunately, we begin with an easy one.

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You work in an office performing a job that you find satisfying (and which compensates you adequately). The company that employs you is suddenly purchased by an eccentric millionaire who plans to immediately raise each person’s salary by 5% and extend an extra week of vacation to all full-time employees. However, this new owner intends to enforce a somehwat radical dress code: every day men will have to wear tuxedos, tails and top hats (during the summer months, men wil be allowed to wear three piece grey suits on “casual Fridays”). Women must exclusively work in formal wear, preferably ball gowns or prom dresses. Each employee will be given an annual $500 stipend to purchase necessary garments, but that money can only be spent on work related clothing. The new regime starts in 3 months. Do you seek employment elsewhere?

I’m a bit of a girly-girl, in that I enjoy pretty dresses, and I’m a journalist, so it’s not like I can really be picky about a job that pays me well AND gives me money for work clothes. Not to mention, whenever I have to go to a fancy event, I’m totally set.

Short answer — meh, why not?

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